Millenium Magic!

A Display of Quilts from the Dorchester Arts Center Samplers Quilt Guild

April - May 2000

East West 2000 - Janice Ewell
This wall hanging was made in 1999 as an entry to the Hoffman Challenge. The flowers are made of the challenge fabric which has an oriental look. Mrs. Ewell named it with the hope that all countries and people from both East and West could unite peacefully into the 21st century. The hanging is machine pieced and hand quilted.
Winter Wonders - Janice Ewell
This wall hanging was made in 1994. The pattern is interlocked squares and features birds in the center of each square. It was made to hang in Mrs. Ewell's church during the winter. It is hand pieced and hand quilted.

Christmas Candle Place Mat - Nancy Andrew

Flower Pillow - Jean Wheatley
This pillow cover was made as a project of an Art Center class. The pattern is Grandmother's Flower Garden.

This is quilt 8A, which explains why there are six quilts on this page instead of five.

Storm At Sea - Janet Curran Crawford
This quilt was hand quilted and machine pieced in 1998 and 1999. The nautical theme was chosen because Ms. Crawford and her husband are sailors. The quilt graces the bed in their new home on Church Creek in Woolford, Maryland. Can you see ocean waves and the ship and stars?
All Pink and Purple - Virginia Stine
Quilts are often done in stages, then set down for a while and completed later. The embroidered blocks of this quilt were done many years ago, but the top was put together just last Fall. Everything is hand stitched.

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