Dorchester County Public Library

Meeting Room Policy


The Library welcomes the use of its Meeting Room by organized groups. To schedule a time for a meeting, call the Information Desk at 410-228-7331. A form must be filled in by applicants before the scheduled time is confirmed. Reservation may be made up to six months in advance.

Use of the meeting room is free, therefore, no fees may be charged for admittance nor may any products be sold or advertised on the premises. Prepaid fees for materials or meals and/or tuition for regularly scheduled education courses are permitted with approval of Library Director.

All meetings must be open to attendance by the general public. Organizations using the meeting room are responsible for providing reasonable accommodation to anyone with physical challenges who may attend their meeting. The room may not be used for social (i.e., birthday parties, dances, etc.) or partisan political purposes. No organization may make excessive use of meeting room.

An adult must reserve the room for any youth group and accompany them at all times. Refreshments and use of kitchen facilities are allowed. Food trash must be bagged and removed from the premises when the group is finished.

A telephone is provided in the meeting room for use only in medical or safety emergencies. 911 may be dialed from this phone.

Screen, podium, easel, overhead projector, VCR/monitor and projector cart are standard equipment. Other audiovisual equipment including the LCD projector must be reserved three days in advance.

A key must be obtained for all meetings held both during and after library hours. A current Maryland library card must be shown to pick up the key (library card can be obtained if patron has a MD driver's license or MVA identification card).

The legal capacity of the room is 120 people. Set-up of the room is not provided. Furniture and equipment are supplied for you to arrange as posted on the meeting room form.

You are responsible for leaving the room in the same condition in which it was found. You are financially responsible for any damage to the room, furniture, carpeting or equipment. The Library is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Before leaving, put reserved AV equipment in locked storage room, turn out all lights and close all doors. Check that all outside doors are secured and locked, including panic bars. The meeting room key must be returned directly to library front desk staff during business hours or deposited in book drop on front porch of library after hours in deposit bag provided. A fee of $50.00 will be charged to the borrower for any key not returned.

Future use of the meeting room may be denied to any group failing to comply with these regulations.

No animals allowed except dog guides or other animals who provide assistive services for persons who are differently abled. Special permission must be obtained from the Library Director at least three days in advance for non-assistive animals to be allowed in the meeting room.

Parking: During library business hours, meeting room users are not permitted in the parking lot. There is a public city lot next to the city office building as well as street parking.

No alcohol and no smoking allowed.

If you have any questions or need additional help, please contact the Information Desk.